Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 2 Day 2 (Round 2)

Tonight’s exercise was good.  You are supposed to alternate days while on this program, but tomorrow is Monday, which is my loooong day at school and it would be dark by the time I got home, so I decided to go ahead and run tonight.  I did all 6 running segments without stopping.  That’s three days in a row that I’ve done that.  It’s definitely getting easier.  I also noticed tonight that the 90 second “walk” time periods are easier too – last week I was huffing and puffing and trying not to fall over in the ditch and die, but that’s not the case this week.

I’ll run again on Tuesday.  I’m not sure yet whether I am going to do Week 2 Day 3, or if I want to go ahead and move on to Week 3.  We’ll see.

Off to do homework and study for tests, then BED. I’m exhausted.  :)

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