Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 2 Day 1 (Round Two)

Tonight I did Week 2, Day 1, for the second time.  And guess what?!?  It was tons easier than the first time I did it, one week ago. 

I have been procrastinating these workouts every night, waiting until about 6:15 to leave, knowing that it will be dusk when I get back at the house at 6:45.  Since tonight ends Daylight Savings Time, it will be getting darker earlier and earlier and I am kind of dreading it.  Even though I’ve been putting it off until the last minute – I am still doing it, and finishing it!  Tonight I did all the segments of the workout without stopping during any of the jogging sections.  I felt really proud of myself and I can tell it’s getting so much easier.

Another thing that I noticed differently about tonight’s run was that I finished in much better time.  Usually when the 30-minute workout is complete, I still have several minutes to go before I get to the house.  Tonight, I finished much closer to my house than normal, meaning I am getting faster!

I can also tell that my poor knees are feeling the effects of running.  They were a bit sore today when I first started out.  As were my ankles and calves.  I have to remember one of my favorite quotes, though – Pain is weakness leaving the body.

That’s all for tonight.  See you day after tomorrow for Week 2 Day 2 Round 2!

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