Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Starting Over! Week 1, Day 1!!!



I ran tonight!

First time since December 20-somethingth… but I did it!

I decided to just start over and work my way back through the program (which is really aggravating considering how hard I worked to get to where I was before, but that’s what I get for quitting!)  I did Week 1, Day 1, and I think I would have done fine – except I was running with El Diablo.

In case you’ve forgotten, or weren’t around the first time I mentioned El Diablo… allow me to {re}introduce him.

10 28 10_0101

This thing weighs like 15 pounds or so… then add in 26 pound C-Monster and you’ve got quite an extra few pounds to lug around.

As if my fat arse isn’t enough to drag.

Anyway – I did all of the runs (nine 30-second runs) except for one, because Big Momma was just not able to find the strength to make it through run #7.  But #8 and #9 I finished beautifully.

Well, probably not beautifully.  Hopefully nobody saw me through their windows and laughed at me.  (I run by no less than three houses that are occupied by people I know.)

Part of me thinks that I should go ahead and try to do all of my training with Christopher in the jogging stroller, because it will make it easier when it comes time to run in a 5K or something similar.  But then I also feel like I should build up my strength before trying to push around something extra… I’m not sure.

Aaaannd – last but least, I am setting a goal for myself!  I want to participate in the Lum & Abner (local crafts show) annual 5K in JUNE! I believe that the 5K will be June 4th. That’s 13 weeks away, and the C25K program is supposed to take 9 weeks. Last time I was doing the program, I had to do some weeks twice – so that means that I cannot procrastinate this ANY longer and that I need to stick with it so that I can reach my goal in June! I’m excited!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

back on track

I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t run in a month.


However, it ends tonight.

The Spring Semester starts tomorrow, and I know that being back in school and back in a routine (read: not laying around the house in my pajamas all day watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and covering Christopher with kisses) will help me get back on TRACK on the C25K program and closer to my goal of running a half-marathon this fall.

I’m not sure where I should start back tonight, but I’m thinking Week 4. I left on on Week 5 Day 2, and I hate to have to start completely over, so I’m going to push myself through Week 4 and see if I can do it. Make myself do it, I should say.

I’ll update tonight with my results!  Wish me luck! :)