Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Jogging Stroller

The weather on Sunday afternoon was cloudy and in the high 60s, perfect to take the jogging stroller out for it’s first run!  Christopher was refusing to take an afternoon nap and Stephen had plans to go to his mom’s house when he got off work to help her with some chemicals for her pool. I decided around 3:15 that I would just load Christopher up in the stroller and head out for my run and end it at my mother-in-law’s house. (She lives a mile from us.) 


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In case any of you missed this post where I (semi-jokingly) said I was going to name her Betty….

Well, I changed her name.

To El Diablo.

I tried to do another day on Week 3 (I figured it would be easiest to stay with the 90-second/3-minute runs) but I couldn’t even finish it.  Hard.  Hard hard hard hard hard.

Hopefully no more Diablo anytime soon.

Sorry so late on this post!  I haven’t had much time with the computer since Sunday – but I’m on Turkey Day Break now so hopefully I can get caught up with blogging!

I’ll update again tonight after I do Week 4 Day 1!

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