Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 4 Days 4&5

I took about a week-long break from my C25K program, but as of last Friday (the 10th) I have been back at it.

I had done all three days in Week 4, but I had still not been able to complete all of the running segments; I could not finish the second 3-minute or 5-minute run.

Friday (W4D4) afternoon I set out to run, and again, I was not able to finish the second half of the workout.  I came home feeling defeated, but my sweet hubby, who believes in me far more than I do, gave me a great pep talk.

So on Sunday, I set out again (W4D5) to try to at least do the full 3-minute/5-minute/3-minute running sections.  And I did it!  THEN… something amazing happened. I did the second 5-minute segment, as well.  So, I ran the WHOLE Week 4 workout, exactly the way I was supposed to. 

I came home exhausted and crying.  Happy tears this time, though.  Happy tears. :)  Stephen was SO proud of me and I was so proud of myself!  It took me FIVE days to be able to complete the entire Week 4 program, but I DID it and I’m so excited about moving on to Week 5 tonight!

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