Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Starting Over! Week 1, Day 1!!!



I ran tonight!

First time since December 20-somethingth… but I did it!

I decided to just start over and work my way back through the program (which is really aggravating considering how hard I worked to get to where I was before, but that’s what I get for quitting!)  I did Week 1, Day 1, and I think I would have done fine – except I was running with El Diablo.

In case you’ve forgotten, or weren’t around the first time I mentioned El Diablo… allow me to {re}introduce him.

10 28 10_0101

This thing weighs like 15 pounds or so… then add in 26 pound C-Monster and you’ve got quite an extra few pounds to lug around.

As if my fat arse isn’t enough to drag.

Anyway – I did all of the runs (nine 30-second runs) except for one, because Big Momma was just not able to find the strength to make it through run #7.  But #8 and #9 I finished beautifully.

Well, probably not beautifully.  Hopefully nobody saw me through their windows and laughed at me.  (I run by no less than three houses that are occupied by people I know.)

Part of me thinks that I should go ahead and try to do all of my training with Christopher in the jogging stroller, because it will make it easier when it comes time to run in a 5K or something similar.  But then I also feel like I should build up my strength before trying to push around something extra… I’m not sure.

Aaaannd – last but least, I am setting a goal for myself!  I want to participate in the Lum & Abner (local crafts show) annual 5K in JUNE! I believe that the 5K will be June 4th. That’s 13 weeks away, and the C25K program is supposed to take 9 weeks. Last time I was doing the program, I had to do some weeks twice – so that means that I cannot procrastinate this ANY longer and that I need to stick with it so that I can reach my goal in June! I’m excited!

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  1. I love the name of this blog! Did you ever finish the program? It took me 3 times to do it. I have to say it's changed my life!